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35 mm negative film

Fine art baskı / Fine art print 2 X 90 x 120 cm 8 X 60 x 45 cm

The Photography Project ‘unpredictable’ intends to search through the aftermath of objectifying the matter, on the absence of an object.

‘City gives the illusion that earth does not exist.’     

                            Robert Smitson, Sediments of the Mind.

The city is tangent to the state of urbanity and the singularities of society with the re-imagination of the modern world. The place of the individual in the construction of modern society, where the society is for the individual, leads to variations through out the historical process. These contradictions are described with the illusion of ideal society and good life fiction, that have been tried to be ‘solved’ and seen as a problem, discussed in many aspects but apparently created a pressure of "standard" expectations as forms of living. The relationship established by this built state of existence, the urban fabric, that can also be the relations surpassed the individual. The overall framework of social framework; the position and subject of the individual within it, or the construction of components: -identities- that makes the society. Gender roles are the examples of how the society creates boundries for itself. All these aspects are creating a line, duality, border, limits. The possibilities of modernity built upon together with the identities and the discrimination of the idealism of modernity.

There is only one photograph on a human scale with uninhabited concrete buildings, left behind or even never existed. The criticism on building the same unit multiple times as a way of investment -for human leisure- with nonhuman conditions and the sameness of an unfinished residencies for different identities.

The project focuses on the details through photographs of the existing / floating dust in the air that not seen with bare eyes. Scratches and the footprints are abstraction of faults. The non-living appearance of the dust and the existence of the lines represents the duality between their uniqueness and different appearances as identities in society, and the criticism on our acceptions on construction of it. This work leads to undercover the singularity through non- humanic objects seen in-excitant & as identifiable existants.

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