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Piece for snowy night with a dim light,

İstanbul, Feb 2020


Lay down*

Look at the sparkle of snowflakes.

Bury your face in the cold*

Pour it on white.

Freezing time

Fragile light

Gracefully gliding through

The most falling

And the most left

Gliding over now

Through the fluid fusibility at intervals

A jam

The arrival of dust on top of each other

A trace of life

The smell of pine with full of dirty soil

I didn't forget you

Your glances, your hopes for the ages

Fingertips under your hand

Shedding red

The walls of my body

Didn't I say I didn't forget you?

I roll back

Frozen journey

Your dreams are far from space


Fill in the fairy tale bowl

A handful of


Dusty woods

Get warmer

Above the ground

Six covers,

A handful of seed

Sleeping at the bottom 

At the cool soil

A belief, a peace, alas...

Under the fancy light of the night

Shining on

Like a sea of plankton


Buried down, running deep

Falls out of my pocket

Pacing in the air

The top of the hill

I've never seen you

But I remember

That your day comes from the night

The weather got heavier now


Sea is way away so far away

Time stopped with its shimmering light now

If you could say it loud

A little handkerchiefs break off

A piece of pinch

This is a goofball

Winding and binding the loop

Time-lapse white sea

Sky still 

Oceanic feeling

Promise me just in time

As if something is dripping

From past days into the night

Carries a reason or

Just fall asleep, time to stop.

It keeps the sounds, it swallows

It makes me forget my dream

Noisy wiggles and sparkles in the cold night

Yesterday i was sad,

And you were upset

Come, watch my eyes

Let's look at your veil behind the curtain


Melting on your shoulders

As soon as it lands, as always

Divide the goose drink it in half

Like many others


Put that back!

Deep down inside of me

(A vehicle is a vessel)

Collect and distribute again

Like the watershed

Like the circle which is not round 

Root to the skies


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