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BLAZE photobook

created at FUAM # 8 with Kazuma Obara.

Presented at Photobook Festival, İstanbul, 2018.

Blaze Photobook Project explores the multiple meanings of the word "blaze" and Simmel's 'blase attitude' through photography.

For further reading please check The Metropolis and Mental Life by Georg Simmel, 1908.

The project includes 4 phases defined by light and density with details, not with an order.


1. The first phase: Realization of the density in urban environment: the layers / multiple time-space 

2. Second phase: Getting blurry: The colours melt in each other, loss of detail. 

3. Third phase: Humanification, out of the wasted, out of the melted, out of the ashes.

4. Blaze 1, Blaze 2, Blaze 3, Blase attitude.

Keywords: space-time, layers, dissociation, urban interfaces,  perception, singularity, blase.

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