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Negative space/void I

My eternal hair grows back to time

My voices are crashing

to words

I heard




         thread a knot

Taste strange, bitter

Life is melting in my mouth


Tired of my site



Ah- it makes me cry! hey-ha-hat

It's breaking my spills


    Sinking into me

     Filling my glass

      The sound of the rain.



Birds started again

sun setting-evening view


my eyes are wheat

my fever is cold



Your distant past

Take on all kinds

Come on!

Take it off, cover it up

Your body is covered with scales


Isn't it worth it?


you echo



let me find you, let me find you.


Must be like falling apart from the skin

beating the body

without feeling

The Heart, head and body.

The one who goes, the one who goes.


The flow of the leaf towards the root,

The slope leading to the water.

Gather the winds drop by drop;

Pour the clear water into the stone.


Your shadow is resolved


          Your time is running out


The one you hide inside of tomorrow

Is not there?


     sooty ceiling

dry taste in your mouth

From the words you know


I came by spilling my experiences


I put everything in my suitcase and

To the cabinets..




Your face is walking towards to my face

And it grows

Your eyes are clouds

Disappears with your voice

Your skin is gray

Root dye.



if we;

neither port nor sea

we gave the sail to the wind,

   fill it up

     We are going..

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